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added: Mon, Oct 2nd '17

Buxom beauty Jayne Mansfield is, perhaps, best remembered these days for her untimely death, which resulted from a car crash in 1967 -- a horrible incident that has since become one of Hollywood's most tragic tales.

For the new documentary "Mansfield 66/67," filmmakers P. David Ebersole and Todd Hughes (Hit So Hard) go beyond the tabloid headlines of Mansfield's legendary death as they delve into the last two years of the famed sex symbol's life, uncovering an odd relationship she had with infamous '60s satanist Anton LaVey.

Featuring interviews with director John Waters, actress Tippi Hedren, pinup star Mamie Van Doren, Hollywood columnist Alison Martino, and legendary underground filmmaker Kenneth Anger, "Mansfield 66/67" has been running on the festival circuit since earlier this year, but will receive an official theatrical release this month through November.

The documentary will open first in New York on October 17 and then in Los Angeles October 27, with other cities to follow. In the meantime, watch the trailer, above.

Who could resist cheering for Jayne Mansfield -- the punk Marilyn Monroe and the ultimate atomic-era sex-positive kitten-gone-berserk -- as she navigates the cultural and spiritual landscape of a quickly changing world.

Defined by her hunger for publicity, she was impossible to categorize though the headlines her life inspired certainly tried: Can A Sex Siren Be A Good Mother, Love Goddess With A Jinx, the Smartest Dumb Blonde...

Welcome to MANSFIELD 66/67, a true story based on rumor and hearsay, where classic documentary interviews and archival materials are blended with dance numbers, performance art and animation, elevating a tabloid tale of a fallen Hollywood idol into a celebration of the mythical proportions of a true original we can't help but live to love more each day.


directed by   P. David Ebersole and Todd Hughes

release date   October 17, 2017 (NY); October 27, 2017 (LA; other cities to follow)

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