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Endorsed by Oscar-winning filmmaker Martin Scorsese, who describes it as "a beautiful and moving picture," "A Ciambra" is a stark, coming-of-age drama that follows a 14-year-old street kid as he hustles for work while living in a small, gypsy community in the Calabria region of Southern Italy.

Harkening back to the classic Italian films from the neorealism era of 1940s and 50s, (much in the vein of Vittorio De Sica's films: "Bicycle Thieves" and "Shoeshine"), "A Ciambra" hails from acclaimed Italian-American filmmaker Jonas Carpignano (Mediterranea), who was awarded the European Cinemas Label Prize when the film premiered at this year's Cannes Film Festival.

Based on Carpignano's 2014 award-winning short of the same name, the film stars newcomer Pio Amato and is also loosely based on his life as a kid living in a Romani community in Calabria, which is one of the poorest regions in Italy.

"A Ciambra," in which Scorsese also serves as an executive producer, will be released in U.S. theaters sometime in 2018, via IFC Films' Sundance Selects. Watch the new U.S. trailer, above.

In a small Romani community in Calabria, Pio Amato is desperate to grow up fast. At 14, he drinks, smokes and is one of the few to easily slide between the region’s factions - the local Italians, the African refugees and his fellow Romani. Pio follows his older brother Cosimo everywhere, learning the necessary skills for life on the streets of their hometown. When Cosimo disappears and things start to go wrong, Pio sets out to prove he’s ready to step into his big brother’s shoes but soon finds himself faced with an impossible decision that will show if he is truly ready to become a man.


directed by   Jonas Carpignano

starring   Pio Amato, Koudous Seihon, Damiano Amato

release date   2018 (U.S. release)

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