Predator: 30th Anniversary — UK Trailer


added: Thu, Sep 28th '17

Okay, here's something that will make you a "God-damned sexual Tyrannosaurus -- just like me."

Check out the trailer for the upcoming re-release of the classic Arnold Schwarzenegger thriller "Predator," which is celebrating its 30th-anniversary this year.

Part combat thriller, part alien horror, "Predator" originally opened in theaters back in 1987, where it quickly became a huge blockbuster and has since generated several sequels and comic book series.

A persistent sci-fi franchise for 20th Century Fox, the studio is planning, yet again, to release a reboot sequel next year from "Iron Man 3" filmmaker Shane Black, who, coincidentally enough, co-starred in the original John McTiernan-directed movie as "Hawkins."

U.K.-based distributor Park Circus plans to bring "Predator" back to theaters this November. As of yet, the re-release will only include international territories.

The hunt is back on: Twentieth Century Fox’s Predator is stalking onto big screens this November for a 30th-anniversary release that will see Arnie's man vs. alien rumble in the jungle return to cinemas throughout international territories.

Dutch, Dillon and the rest of the squad are gearing up for another round of extraterrestrial extermination as cinemas celebrate the original Predator ahead of the 2018 arrival of Shane Black’s latest franchise instalment, The Predator. Fondly remembered 3 decades after its initial release thanks to an arsenal of quotable one liners, its pleasingly old school special effects and a Schwarzenegger performance deftly poised between wry self-awareness and testosterone-fuelled stoicism, Predator stands tall as the ultimate action movie machine; a muscle-bound, camo-clad, cigar-chomping romp that is at once quintessentially 80s and practically timeless...


directed by   John McTiernan

starring   Arnold Schwarzenegger, Carl Weathers, Bill Duke, Jesse Ventura, Elpidia Carrillo, Sonny Landham, Shane Black

release date   November 2017 (re-release throughout international territories)

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