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added: Tue, Sep 26th '17

Mireille Enos (from the television shows "The Killing" and "The Catch") plays a bewildered woman who finds herself at the center of a disturbing criminal investigation in the trailer for "Never Here." It's a new dark twisty thriller that features the last film performance by the late, great character actor and Pulitzer Prize-winning playwright Sam Shepard, who sadly died this past July from complications of ALS at 73.

Written and directed by documentarian-turned-first-time filmmaker Camille Thoman, the film, which has been described by the Hollywood Reporter as "a haunting Lynchian mystery," appears to be a psychological suspense tale about a New York conceptual artist named Miranda (Enos) who calls the police, at the behest of her secret lover Paul (played by Shepard), to report an assault that occurred just outside his apartment.

Despite never actually witnessing the crime herself, Miranda gives the police a detailed description of the mysterious attacker, basing it off Paul's notes. But when the investigation loops back toward her involvement, Miranda inadvertently presents herself as a possible person of interest.

Co-starring Vincent Piazza (Boardwalk Empire), Goran Visnjic (ER, Timeless), and Nina Arianda (Goliath, Hannibal), "Never Here" will soon be here, in theaters, on October 20th.

Lines blur between real and imaginary, crime and art, the watcher and the watched in this eerie, genre-subverting exploration of identity. Installation artist Miranda Fall (Mireille Enos) follows and photographs strangers for her art until disturbing events lead her to suspect that someone out there is watching HER...


directed by   Camille Thoman

starring   Mireille Enos, Sam Shepard, Vincent Piazza, Goran Visnjic, Nina Arianda

release date   October 20, 2017

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