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Unlike most dystopian movies, "2307: Winter's Dream" takes place in a disturbing future world where the climate has shifted into overdrive, producing an unending winter. The entire planet is frozen to the point where the surface is unlivable and human survivors are forced to live underground. Sounds intriguing, yes. However, like most dystopian movies, "2307" also appears to be a hodgepodge of sci-fi thrillers we've seen before. Though with that being said, the trailer is definitely worth a look if you fancy yourself a sci-fi junkie.

Written and directed by filmmaker Joey Curtis, who is credited as one of the screenwriters behind Derek Cianfrance's acclaimed Ryan Gosling-Michelle Williams drama "Blue Valentine," "2307" features newcomer Paul Sidhu (who apparently also came up with the 'story' concept) as a decorated soldier tasked with hunting down a rogue humanoid slave who was scientifically engineered to withstand extreme weather conditions, but is now actively leading a rebellion against humans.

Featuring some impressive production and costume designs, the sci-fi thriller also stars Arielle Holmes (Heaven Knows What) and Branden Coles with Kelcey Watson, Brad Potts, Anne-Solenne Hatte, and Timothy Lee DePriest.

"2307: Winter's Dream" is due to open in select theaters on October 6th.

The year is 2307 A.D. The Earth is frozen over and virtually uninhabitable. The remaining humans live underground, unable to survive the sub-arctic temperatures. With no "man power," scientists bio-engineered Humanoids that possess great strength, speed, and tolerance to extreme cold. When a rogue humanoid escapes and threatens to lead a rebellion against mankind, an elite team of soldiers, led by decorated killer Commander Bishop, must hunt and kill the fugitive.


directed by   Joey Curtis

starring   Paul Sidhu, Arielle Holmes, Branden Coles, Kelcey Watson, Brad Potts, Anne-Solenne Hatte, Timothy Lee DePriest

release date   October 6, 2017 (select theaters)

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