Haunters: The Art Of The Scare — Trailer

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added: Mon, Sep 11th '17

Just in time for Halloween! It's a new documentary that takes a look at several extreme Halloween enthusiasts who, each year, dedicate all their time to create some of the scariest and most controversial haunted houses around.

Check out the trailer for "Haunters: The Art Of The Scare," directed by first-time documentary filmmaker Jon Schnitzer, who was given unprecedented behind-the-scenes access to some of the most popular and shocking haunts in America, which included Universal Studios Halloween Horror Nights, Knott's Scary Farm, McKamey Manor, Delusion, Blackout and more.

Featuring interviews with horror filmmakers Sylvia and Jen Soska (American Mary), notable horror producer Jason Blum (The Purge, Split, Get Out), horror actress Jessica Cameron (Truth or Dare), legendary scare performer Shar Mayer, and notorious terror attraction proprietor Russ McKamey, the Kickstarter-funded documentary will be making its world premiere next week at this year's Fantastic Fest.

Following its festival debut, "Haunters: The Art Of The Scare" will receive a Digital HD, iTunes, and Blu-Ray release on October 3rd.

HAUNTERS: The Art Of The Scare is a heart-warming and heart-stopping documentary about how family-friendly haunted houses for Halloween have spawned a growing subculture of extreme horror simulations. What kind of person dedicates their life to turning other people's nightmares into reality, and how far is too far? Explore the rise of terror as entertainment, by going behind-the-screams and into the lives of Shar Mayer, legendary scare actor, Donald Julson, a traditional boo-scare maze designer, and the infamous Russ McKamey, as he creates the most controversial full-contact haunt of all time... in his own backyard.


directed by   Jon Schnitzer

release date   October 3, 2017 (on Digital HD, iTunes, and Blu-Ray)

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