Blood Simple — 4K Restoration UK Trailer


added: Thu, Sep 7th '17

A newly restored 4K version of the 1984 cult neo-noir classic "Blood Simple" is headed back to U.K. theaters in October, and a brand-new U.K. trailer has been released.

Marking the feature film debut of Oscar-winning filmmakers Joel and Ethan Coen (Fargo, No Country for Old Men), "Blood Simple" features a 27-year-old Frances McDormand (in her first ever film role) as a married woman who is caught having an extra-marital affair with a bartender (John Getz). But when her husband (Dan Hedaya) hires a crooked detective (M. Emmet Walsh) to kill them both, the assassination plot is ultimately foiled as it completely goes off the rails into various twists and turns.

Last summer, the same director-approved 4K restored version of "Blood Simple" received a theatrical re-release in the U.S. and is currently available in North America on Blu-Ray/DVD released through the Criterion Collection.

Meanwhile, U.K. fans will be able to catch "Blood Simple" when it returns to U.K. cinemas next month on October 6th with a Blu-Ray/DVD release set for October 30th via StudioCanal.

This razor-sharp modern film noir, the first film by Joel and Ethan Coen, introduced the brothers' inimitable black humor and eccentric sense of character, a sensibility that has helped shape the course of contemporary American cinema. Deep in the heart of Texas, a sleazy bar owner suspects his wife of having an affair and hires a private detective to confirm his suspicions -- only to have the crosshairs turned back on himself. Playfully shot by Barry Sonnenfeld and featuring a haunting score by Carter Burwell and a cunning performance by Frances McDormand, Blood Simple was a career-launching film for this ensemble and the first articulation of the precision of style that has defined the Coens’ work ever since.


directed by   Joel and Ethan Coen

starring   Frances McDormand, John Getz, Dan Hedaya, M. Emmet Walsh

release date   October 6, 2017 (UK re-release); October 30, 2017 (UK Blu-Ray/DVD)

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