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added: Wed, Aug 30th '17

What starts out as a friendly celebration quickly devolves into a contentious evening of outbursts and accusations. Welcome to ... "The Party."

Written and directed by acclaimed English filmmaker Sally Potter (Orlando, The Man Who Cried, Ginger & Rosa), the black-and-white comedy is basically a dinner-party-from-hell story that features a stellar ensemble cast led by Kristin Scott Thomas and Timothy Spall and includes Patricia Clarkson, Cillian Murphy, Bruno Ganz, Cherry Jones, and Emily Mortimer.

Scott Thomas plays a bureaucrat who has just been appointed to a ministerial position in the government. As a way to celebrate her new job, she has invited some of her closest friends for a dinner party. But the night takes a dramatic turn when all of the sudden her husband (Spall) makes a shocking announcement.

"The Party" got strong reviews when it premiered earlier this year at the Berlin International Film Festival. It's now scheduled to open in the U.K. on October 13th.

As of yet, there's no official U.S. release date. But you can watch the film's just-released international trailer, above.

Janet (Kristin Scott Thomas) has just been appointed to a key ministerial position in the shadow cabinet – the crowning achievement of her political career. She and her husband Bill (Timothy Spall) plan to celebrate this with a few close friends. As the guests arrive at their home in London the party takes an unexpected turn when Bill suddenly makes some explosive revelations that take everyone present by surprise. Love, friendships and political convictions are soon called into question in this hilarious comedy of tragic proportions.


directed by   Sally Potter

starring   Kristin Scott Thomas, Timothy Spall, Patricia Clarkson, Cillian Murphy, Bruno Ganz, Cherry Jones, Emily Mortimer

release date   October 13, 2017 (UK release)

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