Syfy's Channel Zero: No-End House — New Trailer


added: Tue, Aug 29th '17

Here's a new trailer for "Channel Zero: No-End House." It's the second installment of SYFY's horror anthology series, which is inspired by scary short stories that are generated and found on the Creepypasta Wiki website.

Season 2 is based on Brian Russell's Creepypasta tale, "The No-End House," about a seemingly ordinary residence that turns out to be an evil house with six terror-filled rooms. So, once a person enters, that person must enter all the rooms or die. As the legend goes, no one has ever gone in the No-End House and came out alive -- or just came out for that matter.

The cast of Season 2 includes John Carroll Lynch (FX's American Horror Story), Aisha Dee (MTV's Sweet/Vicious), Amy Forsyth (Hulu's The Path), and Jeff Ward (Lifetime's Manson's Lost Girls).

Horror filmmaker Steven Piet (Uncle John) directs the entire season, which contains a six-episode arc.

Executive produced by writers Max Landis (Chronicle) and Nick Antosca (The Forest, NBC's Hannibal), "Channel Zero: No-End House" is set to air on Wednesday, September 20th on SYFY.

Inspired by Brian Russell's Creepypasta tale, Channel Zero: No-End House tells the story of a young woman named Margot Sleator, played by Amy Forsyth, who visits the No-End House, a bizarre house of horrors that consists of a series of increasingly disturbing rooms.


directed by   Steven Piet

starring   John Carroll Lynch, Aisha Dee, Amy Forsyth, Jeff Ward

release date   September 20, 2017 (on Syfy)

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