6 Below: Miracle on the Mountain — Trailer

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added: Wed, Aug 16th '17

Josh Hartnett (from Showtime's "Penny Dreadful") gets stranded on a snow-covered mountain in the trailer for the survival drama "6 Below: Miracle on the Mountain."

Based on actual events, the faith-based movie tells the story of Eric LeMarque (portrayed here by Hartnett), a former professional hockey player and an extreme-sports enthusiast who in 2003 got caught in a heavy snowstorm while snowboarding in the mountains of Sierra Nevada. Lost for eight days, LeMarque suffered through freezing temperatures and was surrounded by dangerous wildlife before being found and rescued.

Mira Sorvino (who, by the way, is only ten years older than Hartnett) co-stars as his mother.

"6 Below" is directed by former stunt coordinator-turned-film director Scott Waugh (Act of Valor, Need for Speed) and will be released in theaters and VOD on October 13th.

When a snowstorm strands former professional hockey player Eric LeMarque (Josh Hartnett) atop the Sierra Nevada Mountains for eight days, he is forced to face his past and come to terms with his personal demons and rediscover the power of faith within him in order to survive.


directed by   Scott Waugh

starring   Josh Hartnett, Mira Sorvino

release date   October 13, 2017 (in select theaters and on VOD)

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