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added: Fri, Aug 11th '17

Veteran character actor Robert Patrick (TV's Scorpion, Terminator 2) stages a violent jailbreak in the new official trailer for the true-crime thriller "The Last Rampage."

Based on James W. Clarke's non-fiction book, the film casts Patrick as notorious prison escapee Gary Tison, a convicted murderer who, in 1978, convinced his three teenage sons to help him break out of an Arizona State prison, which resulted in a statewide manhunt.

The cast also includes Bruce Davison, Chris Browning, Alex MacNicoll, the late, John Heard, and a nearly unrecognizable Heather Graham as Tison's wife.

Written by "Machete" screenwriter Alvaro Rodriguez (cousin of filmmaker Robert Rodriguez ), "Last Rampage" is helmed by veteran television and film director Dwight H. Little, whose credits include directing "Rapid Fire," "Murder at 1600," TV's "Bones," TV's "Prison Break" and TV's "24."

The film arrives in select theaters and on VOD/Digital HD on September 22nd.

In the summer of 1978 convicted murderer Gary Tison (Robert Patrick) and his cellmate Randy Greenawalt (Chris Browning) staged a daring escape from an Arizona State Prison, with the help of Tison’s three teenage sons. Their murderous rampage through the southwestern desert shocked the nation with its brutality. While Sheriff Cooper (Bruce Davison) hunted them down, Tison’s wife (Heather Graham) vehemently defended her family in the press.

LAST RAMPAGE features a chilling tour-de-force turn by Robert Patrick as Gary Tison in a terrifying story about the dark side of family loyalty.


directed by   Dwight H. Little

starring   Robert Patrick, Heather Graham, Bruce Davison, Chris Browning, Alex MacNicoll, John Heard

release date   September 22, 2017 (in select theaters and on VOD)

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