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added: Mon, Aug 7th '17

Antonio Banderas plays an over-the-hill rock star whose supermodel wife is kidnapped by armed renegades in the trailer for the raucous action comedy "Gun Shy."

Ukrainian model-turned-film actress Olga Kurylenko (from "Quantum of Solace" and "Oblivion") co-stars as the self-indulgent wife of Banderas's over-the-top rock-star character, who finds herself being abducted while vacationing in Chile. As a result, Banderas is forced to devise a brash rescue plan with the help from several oddball characters, including a former Australian commando and a gung-ho U.S. government agent (played by TV actor Mark Valley, from "Boston Legal" and "Human Target").

Co-starring Martin Dingle Wall, Ben Cura, and Aisling Loftus, "Gun Shy" is based on the comic novel "Salty" by Mark Haskell Smith, and was helmed and produced by Simon West, director of the action movies "Con Air," "Lara Croft: Tomb Raider," "The Mechanic," and "The Expendables 2."

"Gun Shy" will be released on September 8th.

When vacationing in Chile, an aging and pampered rock star’s (Antonio Banderas) supermodel wife is suddenly kidnapped by renegades. Unable to navigate more than ordering a sandwich from room service, now he must take to the backstreets of Santiago in this hilarious caper that is as entertaining as it is hair-raising.


directed by   Simon West

starring   Antonio Banderas, Olga Kurylenko, Martin Dingle Wall, Ben Cura, Aisling Loftus

release date   September 8, 2017

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