The Hatred — Trailer


added: Wed, Jul 12th '17

A college-age babysitter gets the shock of her life when she finds herself babysitting at a haunted house.

Here's the trailer for "The Hatred," a supernatural thriller starring Sarah Davenport (from the Freeform series "Stitchers") as a young college grad who gets a job babysitting a little girl (Shae Smolik) for the weekend, only to find out that the child's bedroom is haunted by a demonic spirit named "Alice."

From Malek Akkad, the producer of the rebooted "Halloween" franchise, the horror film was written and directed by indie filmmaker Michael G. Kehoe, who spent nearly three decades working on numerous Hollywood productions in the craft service department.

Co-starring Andrew Divoff (NBC's The Blacklist, Wishmaster) and David Naughton (An American Werewolf in London), "The Hatred" will be released on Blu-Ray and DVD beginning September 12th.

Sins from the past return to terrorize the present in this shocker from a producer of Halloween. When recent college grad Regan goes to a family's house to babysit their daughter for the weekend, she invites her three best gal pals along. What starts as a girls’ getaway becomes a journey into hell, as the young women discover the house is haunted by a dark and violent history involving a Nazi (Wishmaster's Andrew Divoff), his daughter, and an ancient artifact that feeds on fear.


directed by   Michael G. Kehoe

starring   Sarah Davenport, Shae Smolik, Andrew Divoff, David Naughton, Darby Walker, Bayley Corman, Gabrielle Bourne, Alisha Wainwright

release date   September 12, 2017 (on Blu-Ray and DVD)

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