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added: Tue, Jul 4th '17

Armie Hammer poses for an anxiety-ridden Geoffrey Rush in the first international trailer for "Final Portrait," the light-hearted biopic about world-renowned Swiss painter and sculptor Alberto Giacometti.

Chronicling a week-long painting session between the 63-year-old portrait painter (Rush) and American art writer and biographer James Lord (Hammer), "Final Portrait" is actor Stanley Tucci's fifth feature film outing as a director -- and his fourth as a screenwriter.

The movie also features French actresses Clemence Poesy (from the "Harry Potter" films) and Sylvie Testud (La Vie en Rose) with an appearance by Tucci's frequent acting collaborator Tony Shalhoub (Big Night, The Impostors) as artist Diego Giacometti, the younger brother of Alberto.

"Final Portrait" premiered to positive reviews at the 2017 Berlin International Film Festival. The film is currently scheduled to open in the UK on August 18th, before arriving in the States later in the year.

FINAL PORTRAIT is the story of the touching and offbeat friendship between American writer and art-lover James Lord and world-renowned Swiss artist Alberto Giacometti, as seen through Lord's eyes and revealing unique insight into the beauty, frustration, profundity and sometimes the chaos of the artistic process. Set in 1964, while on a short trip to Paris, Lord is asked by his friend, Giacometti, to sit for a portrait. The process, promises Giacometti, will take only a few days and so Lord agrees -- ultimately wondering "how much longer can it go on like this?"


directed by   Stanley Tucci

starring   Geoffrey Rush, Armie Hammer, Clemence Poesy, Sylvie Testud, Tony Shalhoub

release date   August 18, 2017 (U.K. release)

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