Neill Blomkamp's Oats Studios: Volume 1 — New Trailer


added: Tue, Jun 6th '17

Filmmaker Neill Blomkamp, of "District 9" and "Elysium" fame, has released the second trailer for his new online project, "Oats Studios."

Blomkamp, who first established his career as a director/producer of visual effects-heavy commercials and short films, is returning to his roots, sort of speak, with "Oats Studios," a new production company that generates original content for the internet.

The first volume of Blomkamp's "Oats Studios" is a series of "experimental" short films, serving mainly in the horror and sci-fi genre. These original shorts, some of which will serve as the proof-of-concept for potential movies, ranges from the intriguingly weird to the truly bizarre.

Featuring appearances by Sigourney Weaver, Dakota Fanning, and Jose Pablo Cantillo, "Oats Studios: Volume 1" will be released online later this year, streaming on YouTube and the online video-game store Steam.

For information on Oats Studios, head on over to its official website at

directed by   Neill Blomkamp

starring   Dakota Fanning, Sigourney Weaver, Jose Pablo Cantillo

release date   Streaming Soon (on Steam and Youtube)

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