Amazon's The Last Tycoon: Season 1 — Official Trailer


added: Fri, Jun 2nd '17

Amazon Studios has released the official trailer for their latest original series "The Last Tycoon," starring White Collar's Matt Bomer, Emmy-winner Kelsey Grammer, and Rules Don't Apply's Lily Collins.

Developed and written by Billy Ray, the Oscar-nominated screenwriter of "Captain Phillips," the series is based on F. Scott Fitzgerald's last novel about the contentious relationship between a 1930s Hollywood film mogul (Grammer) and his young hotshot protege (Bomer), who has secretly teamed up with the mogul's daughter (Collins) to produce a big-budget studio picture.

Co-starring Jennifer Beals, Rosemarie DeWitt, Dominique McElligott, Jessica De Gouw and Mark O'Brien, "The Last Tycoon: Season 1" will premiere Friday, July 28th on Amazon Prime Video.

Meanwhile, the hourlong pilot episode, directed by the series creator Billy Ray, is currently available to watch for free.

From F. Scott Fitzgerald's last work, The Last Tycoon follows Monroe Stahr, Hollywood's Golden Boy as he battles father figure and boss Pat Brady for the soul of their studio. In a world darkened by the Depression and the growing influence of Hitler's Germany, The Last Tycoon illuminates the passions, violence and towering ambition of 1930s Hollywood.


directed by   Billy Ray

starring   Matt Bomer, Kelsey Grammer, Lily Collins, Jennifer Beals, Rosemarie DeWitt, Dominique McElligott, Jessica De Gouw, Mark O'Brien

release date   July 28, 2017 (on Amazon)

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