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added: Mon, May 15th '17

Witness the rise of a new vigilante superhero … from Finland!

Check out the newly released trailer for "Rendel," the new action-packed thriller that's being billed as the first ever feature-length superhero movie from Finland.

Starring Finnish actor Kristofer Gummerus as the titular masked vigilante who seeks to destroy a powerful criminal organization, "Rendel" is the brainchild of Finnish graphic designer-turned-first-time filmmaker Jesse Haaja, who originally came up with the concept 17 years ago when he was merely a superhero-loving teenager.

"Rendel" also stars Matti Onnismaa, Minttu Tamski, Roosa-Maria Makinen, and Alina Tomnikov, with a special appearance by Australian actress Bianca Bradey from the cult zombie film "Wyrmwood: Road of the Dead."

The director and his production team are traveling to the Cannes Film Festival this week where they're hoping to land an international distribution deal.

CITY OF MIKKELI, a cold dystopia city in the future Finland. A place where the streets are cold and the shadows are long. VALA, the most merciless criminal organization of Europe has been bribing the bureaucrats already for years in order to get the untested Nh25 vaccine to the unsuspecting market of the third world.

Just when the latest batch is ready to be shipped, a masked man attacks the criminals. Alone he beats down the whole crew and destroys the vaccines. This starts a chain of mysterious night attacks that make the blood spill and money burn -- literary. Soon the nocturnal quarrels also alarm the attention of the press.

A faceless hero Rendel is at open and ruthless war against the VALA organization: no mercy, no prisoners. One hit after another, this dark avenger destroys both the criminals and their equipment.

Helpless against the guerilla warfare, VALA hires international bounty hunters to strengthen its lines. As the faceless avenger challenges the faceless corporation, both masks begin to crack.

Nobody gives way, nobody backs down. It's time for the truth.


directed by   Jesse Haaja

starring   Kristofer Gummerus, Matti Onnismaa, Minttu Tamski, Roosa-Maria Makinen, Alina Tomnikov, Bianca Bradey, Johnny Vivash

release date   2017

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