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After a tour in Afghanistan, a U.S. Marine is allowed to return home. But once he's back in his old neighborhood, the violent past he thought he left behind immediately catches up with him.

Check out the trailer for "11:55," an indie crime thriller starring Dominican-American actor Victor Almanzar, who also co-wrote the script with first-time feature directors Ari Issler and Ben Snyder.

Seemingly a nod to the classic Gary Cooper western "High Noon," Almanzar plays Nelson Sanchez, a reformed New York street thug who returns to his hometown after a long stint in the Marines where he served as a decorated soldier in Afghanistan. But as soon as he arrives home, Nelson learns that someone from his past is on his way into town to kill him -- as payback for what he did to his brother years ago. Now Nelson has two choices: cut and run? Or stay and fight ... and wait for the bus to arrive at midnight.

Co-starring Elizabeth Rodriguez (Logan), Shirley Rumierk (Collateral Beauty), David Zayas (Dexter), Mike Carlsen (Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt), John Leguizamo (John Wick), and Julia Stiles (The Bourne films), "11:55" is being released in theaters and on VOD June 9th.

Returning from deployment in Afghanistan, a U.S. Marine (Victor Almanzar) must face the consequences of a violent past he hoped he had left behind with the help of fellow vet (John Leguizamo).


directed by   Ari Issler and Ben Snyder

starring   Victor Almanzar, Elizabeth Rodriguez, Shirley Rumierk, David Zayas, Mike Carlsen, John Leguizamo, Julia Stiles

release date   June 9, 2017 (in theaters and on VOD)

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