Pray for Rain — Trailer


added: Thu, May 4th '17

The suspicious death of a California rancher is revealed to be a part of a local conspiracy in the trailer for the suspense thriller "Pray for Rain."

Annabelle Stephenson (from TV's Revenge) plays a New York-based journalist who, after the surprise death of her father, returns to her hometown in Central California. Believing her father may have been murdered due to increasing tensions within the local farming community brought on by a severe drought, she uses her investigative skills to dig up some evidence. But what she finds is more questions than answers as she gets caught up in a dangerous game of truth or death.

The cast also includes Emmy-and-Golden Globe-winner Jane Seymour (Dr. Quinn, Medicine Woman), "Pretty Little Liars" actor Nicholas Gonzalez, comedian Paul Rodriguez, "Feud" actor John Ducey, and "24" actor James Morrison.

"Pray for Rain" is directed by indie filmmaker Alex Ranarivelo (Running Wild, American Wrestler: The Wizard) and will be hitting theaters on June 16th.

A young New York journalist returns to the idyllic Central California farming community where she was raised only to find it has been ravaged by drought and has become a place ruled by gangs, violent threats and greed. She is forced to investigate the suspicious circumstances of her father's death even though it puts her in great danger.


directed by   Alex Ranarivelo

starring   Annabelle Stephenson, Jane Seymour, Nicholas Gonzalez, Paul Rodriguez, John Ducey, James Morrison

release date   June 16, 2017

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