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Hollywood legend Cary Grant was known for his suave, confident movie-star persona. But in real life, he suffered from frequent bouts of insecurity and social anxiety, likely caused by his emotionally scarring upbringing. His father was an alcoholic. His mother was clinically depressed. She was sent to live in a mental hospital when Grant was a young boy. He would later be told that his mother had passed away. A cruel lie his father kept repeating until Grant hit his thirties.

But once he entered his fifties, Grant sought out therapy to learn how to deal with his personal issues regarding his mother and her illness. Professional therapy treatments included the use of LSD, which helped him dissect his unconscious mind. Grant wrote about this particular period for an autobiographical book that never got published. Nevertheless, these revealing notes from Grant's personal archives are a part of what forms the foundation of a new documentary for Showtime.

In "Becoming Cary Grant," documentarian Mark Kidel examines the private life of the legendary leading man, who is arguably best known for starring in a string of Alfred Hitchcock films, including the classics "North by Northwest" and " Notorious."

Featuring rarely seen home movies and Grant's own words as spoken by actor Jonathan Pryce (From "Game of Thrones" and "Pirates of the Caribbean"), the Showtime documentary will be making its world premiere later this month at the prestigious Cannes Film Festival.

It will also air exclusively on Showtime on Friday, June 9th. Watch the trailer, above.

Using words from his unpublished autobiography along with newly-discovered personal footage shot with a film-maker's eye, Cary Grant -- one of Hollywood's greatest stars -- tells his story himself. Exploring his long journey from childhood poverty to global fame, this radically new perspective of a man on a quest to find the love that eluded him most of his life reveals the man behind the mask of subtle charm and suave sophistication.


directed by   Mark Kidel

release date   June 9, 2017 (on Showtime)

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