The Keepers — Trailer


added: Wed, Apr 19th '17

Netflix has released the trailer for "The Keepers," a new true-crime documentary series about the unsolved murder of a 26-year-old Baltimore nun and beloved high-school teacher named Sister Catherine "Cathy" Cesnik, who mysteriously vanished in 1969, and two months later her badly-beaten body was found in an empty field.

Produced and directed by Emmy-nominated documentarian Ryan White (The Case Against 8, Good Ol' Freda), the 7-part docu-series is mainly told through Sister Cathy's former students, who are now in their 60s. They have remained committed to cracking the case, which now seems to be less about the murder and more about a possible citywide cover-up.

"The Keepers" is scheduled to premiere on Netflix beginning Friday, May 19th.

Amateur detectives in Baltimore attempt to solve the nearly 50-year-old murder of Sister Catherine Cesnik. The mystery unfolds in this docuseries.


directed by   Ryan White

release date   May 19, 2017 (on Netflix)

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