Lost in London — Trailer

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added: Sat, Apr 15th '17

It's the groundbreaking film that Woody Harrelson starred, wrote, produced, and directed, which was shot in real time (in one long, continuous take) and broadcast live on movie screens back in January.

Loosely based on an actual incident in which Harrelson was arrested in England for vandalizing a cab, "Lost in London" is getting a traditional theatrical release next month in the U.K.

Co-starring Owen Wilson and Willie Nelson who play heightened versions of themselves, the audacious comedy marks Harrelson's directorial debut.

Check out the trailer, above.

A comic re-staging of one crazy night in Soho in 2002, Lost In London follows Harrelson, playing himself, as he struggles to get home to his family after a scandal threatens to ruin his marriage. Run-ins with royalty, friends and the law all seem to conspire to keep him from succeeding. Funny, charming and finally quite moving, Woody's film ultimately proves much more than a dazzling technical exercise.


directed by   Woody Harrelson

starring   Woody Harrelson, Owen Wilson, Willie Nelson

release date   May 5, 2017 (U.K. Release)

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