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added: Fri, Apr 7th '17

April 29th, 2017 will mark the 25th anniversary of the 1992 Los Angeles Riots, a week-long unrest that occurred in the neighborhoods surrounding South Central Los Angeles, sparked by the acquittal of four LA police officers in the beating of African-American motorist Rodney King.

And it seems several television networks are planning to air documentary specials this month. Among them is the National Geographic cable network, which will be presenting their own documentary special, called "LA 92."

The NATGEO network has recently released the official trailer for the upcoming two-hour documentary, which will offer a "moment by moment retelling, using only raw footage of the events that lit the fuse and ripped a city apart."

The special, which is also set to screen this month at the Tribeca Film Festival, is directed by Dan Lindsay and TJ Martin, the filmmakers behind the Oscar-winning high school football documentary "Undefeated."

"LA 92" is currently scheduled to air on NATGEO on Sunday, April 30th.

Other LA Riots documentaries airing this month include A&E's "L.A. Burning: The Riots 25 Years Later" (on April 18) and ABC's " Let It Fall: Los Angeles 1982-1992" (on April 28).

Few images are seared into the American consciousness like the beating of Rodney King at the hands of four white Los Angeles police officers and the riots after the officers' acquittal in the spring of 1992. The unrest, sparked by a verdict many viewed as yet another example of judicial indifference to law enforcement’s harassment of Los Angeles's African American population, lasted for six days. The widespread looting, arson, and assaults were all captured by TV news and broadcast to a shocked nation. By the time the violence was quelled, more than fifty people had lost their lives and over $1 billion dollars in damage had been done to South Central Los Angeles and the surrounding neighborhoods.

Twenty-five years after the verdict, Academy Award-winning directors Dan Lindsay and TJ Martin (Undefeated) draw on archival news images and unseen footage to craft an in-depth portrait of those riots and the tempestuous relationship between Los Angeles’s African American community and those charged with protecting it. (via


directed by   Dan Lindsay and TJ Martin

release date   Tribeca Film Festival, 2017 -- April 30, 2017 (airing on National Geographic)

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