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added: Fri, Apr 7th '17

Character actor Pat Healy, from "Cheap Thrills," "Compliance," "The Innkeepers," and countless other movies and television shows, makes his directorial debut with "Take Me." It's a darkly comic kidnapping thriller, in which Healy stars opposite "Orange Is the New Black" actress Taylor Schilling.

Here, Healy plays a would-be entrepreneur who has established a small, simulated kidnapping business for which clients can arrange their own extreme abductions for a high-stakes L.A. weekend. Healy's character accepts a new female client (played by Schilling), who apparently is requesting to be abducted in a "surprise scenario." However, things take a hard left turn when the assignment proves to be more of a challenge than he first anticipated.

Written by Mike Makowsky and executive produced by filmmakers/actors Jay and Mark Duplass, "Take Me" will screen later this month at the Tribeca Film Festival. The movie is currently slated to hit theaters and iTunes/VOD on May 5th, with a worldwide Netflix release to follow. Watch the trailer, above.

Ray Moody (Pat Healy) is a fledgling entrepreneur, trying to get his company off the ground in Los Angeles. His business: the niche Kidnap Solutions, LLC, specializing in abductions that provide alternative therapy for his clients. When a mysterious call contracts him for a weekend kidnapping with a handsome payday at the end, Ray jumps at the opportunity. But the job, and his target—business consultant Anna St. Blair (Orange Is the New Black’s Taylor Schilling) -- may not be all that they seem. TAKE ME, which threads the needle between crime thriller and slapstick farce, is the feature directorial debut of Healy, who's appeared in more than 40 films including Compliance, Cheap Thrills, The Assassination of Jesse James by the Coward Robert Ford and Magnolia.


directed by   Pat Healy

starring   Pat Healy, Taylor Schilling, Toby Huss, Alejandro Patino, Alycia Delmore, Mark Kelly

release date   May 5, 2017 (in theaters and on iTunes/VOD)

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