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added: Sat, Mar 11th '17

For her feature film debut, the indie fantasy "Albion: The Enchanted Stallion," actress-turned-filmmaker Castille Landon combined her two great loves: "Game of Thrones" and horses!

Check out the trailer for Landon's highly ambitious fairy tale movie about a young 12-year-old equestrian (played by actress Avery Arendes), who is magically transported to a mystical realm called "Albion," where she discovers that she's been chosen to restore the balance of power and free its people from a wicked spell.

In addition to Arendes and Landon, the film's cast includes Stephen Dorff (Wheeler), Liam McIntyre (Spartacus: War of the Damned), Debra Messing (Will & Grace), Jennifer Morrison (Once Upon a Time), Daniel Sharman (MTV's Teen Wolf), Ryan O'Nan (FX's Fargo), comedian Richard Kind and 'Monty Python' legend John Cleese.

"Albion: The Enchanted Stallion" is receiving a Blu-Ray/DVD release from Gravitas Ventures on Tuesday, April 11th. The film will also be available in the U.K. on April 3rd.

Twelve year old Evie's life takes a dramatic turn when she encounters a magical black stallion, Dag Dia, and is spirited away to the mystical land of Albion.

Here, Evie's dreams of adventure come true when she meets and befriends Eriu, a young warrior intent on freeing her people, the Danann, from a life of imprisonment in Albion's underworld. With Dag Dia at her side, Evie bravely joins the Danann in their quest to overthrow the suppressive Milesians; a desperate last attempt to reclaim their rightful reign above ground.

But with the adventure also comes great responsibility. Evie has a much closer connection to Albion than she realizes, and during this extraordinary journey discovers that she, alone, is the key to saving an entire race of people and restoring the kingdom of Albion to glory.


directed by   Castille Landon

starring   Avery Arendes, Stephen Dorff, Liam McIntyre, Debra Messing, Jennifer Morrison, Castille Landon, Daniel Sharman, Ryan O'Nan, Richard Kind, John Cleese

release date   April 11, 2017 (Blu-Ray/DVD)

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