Deadpool 2 — Teaser: 'Coming Soon'


added: Sat, Mar 4th '17

For those who haven't seen "Logan" in theaters yet, here's the spoiler that people are already talking about.

Yes, it's true, true believers. Deadpool (aka The Merc with the Mouth, aka Wade Wilson) makes a surprise appearance! Although not in the movie itself, rather he appears in a secret three-and-a-half minute promotional teaser shown right before "Logan." And thanks to Ryan Reynolds and his twitter account, this early "Deadpool 2" preview is now online for your viewing pleasure.

Paying homage, at least in a comedic way, to the classic 1978 Superman movie, watch as Deadpool tries to save a helpless victim from being robbed at gunpoint, only to find out that cramped telephone booths aren't always the best fitting rooms for superheroes.

The not-yet-in-production sequel, in which stuntman-turned-film director David Leitch (John Wick) is taking over the reins from original "Deadpool" director Tim Miller, will have Reynolds returning as the severely scarred mutant anti-hero and will also introduce the fan-favorite comic book character "Cable" (aka Nathan Summers) to the X-Men cinematic universe. It's a role that has yet to be cast -- although, "Stranger Things" actor David Harbour is rumored to be in the running.

While plot details are being kept under wraps "Deadpool 2" is nevertheless currently slated for a March 8, 2018, theatrical release.

directed by   David Leitch

starring   Ryan Reynolds

release date   March 8, 2018

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