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added: Wed, Feb 22nd '17

Three unfortunate 17-year-old amateur sleuths suddenly go missing after they try to investigate a bizarre UFO sighting in the trailer for the new found-footage movie "Phoenix Forgotten," which is inspired by a real-life 1997 UFO phenomenon, in which thousands of people reported strange V-shaped lights maneuvering around the night sky in Phoenix, Arizona.

Starring newcomers Chelsea Lopez and Justin Matthews with Luke Roberts and Florance Hartigan, this Blair Witch-meets-Close Encounters horror thriller hails from the producers of "The Martian," "300," and "The Maze Runner." It's also a "Scott Free" production, which means filmmaker Ridley Scott will be credited as an executive producer.

Directed by commercial helmer Justin Barber, "Phoenix Forgotten" is slated for an April 2017 release. Watch the trailer, above.

In the spring of 1997, several residents of Phoenix, Arizona claimed to witness mysterious lights in the sky. This phenomenon, which became known as "The Phoenix Lights," remains the most famous UFO sighting in American history. On July 23, 1997, three high school student filmmakers went missing while camping in the desert outside Phoenix. The purpose of their trip was to document their investigation into the Phoenix Lights. They were never seen again. Twenty years later, Sarah Bishop, a documentary filmmaker and younger sibling of one of the missing, returns to Phoenix to delve into the their disappearances and the emotional trauma left on those that knew them. Nothing can prepare her for the shocking discovery of a tape from the night her brother and his friends disappeared.


directed by   Justin Barber

starring   Chelsea Lopez, Justin Matthews, Luke Roberts, Florance Hartigan

release date   April 2017

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