The Other Half — Trailer


added: Fri, Feb 17th '17

Tatiana Maslany, the Emmy-winning star of "Orphan Black," shares the screen with her real-life boyfriend, British actor Tom Cullen (Downton Abbey) in the new indie film "The Other Half," which centers on a passionate yet destructive love affair between a bipolar woman and a grieving, volatile man.

The New York-set drama, which is written and directed by actor-turned-first-time filmmaker Joey Klein, earned strong reviews last year at the SXSW Film Festival. And a newly-released trailer, watch it above, offers a peek at Maslany's candid performance as a young woman in the throes of passion and illness.

Veteran character actor Henry Czerny (Mission: Impossible) and acclaimed French-Canadian actress Suzanne Clement (Mommy) co-star in "The Other Half," which will be released on March 10th.

Nickie Bellow (Tom Cullen) is a self-destructive drifter ever mourning the disappearance of his younger brother. Having abandoned a life of promise in his native UK, he has spent the inaugural years of adult life drowning his grief in alcohol and violence. By the fifth anniversary of his brother's disappearance he has reached his nadir -- fired from his menial job, he is poised once again for an aimless life. Then he meets Emily (Tatiana Maslany): The two form an immediate, inseparable bond -- it is love at first sight, deepened by a shared sense of sorrow.


directed by   Joey Klein

starring   Tatiana Maslany, Tom Cullen, Henry Czerny, Suzanne Clement

release date   March 10, 2017

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