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added: Fri, Feb 17th '17

Even though she loathes people, Bel Powley is determined to make a friend in the trailer for "Carrie Pilby," the upcoming film adaptation of author Caren Lissner's best-selling book about a 19-year-old genius dealing with relationship issues.

Powley, the breakout star of 2015's acclaimed coming-of-age film "The Diary of a Teenage Girl," plays the titular Carrie. She's a young, brilliant Harvard graduate living in New York City. She knows how to speak several different languages. She knows the intricacies of political philosophy. Yet, when it comes to dating and meeting new people, she might as well be living under a rock. With the advice of her therapist (played by Nathan Lane), the 19-year-old precocious misanthrope sets out to fulfill a list of goals, which includes "going on a date" and "make a friend."

In addition to Powley and Lane, the cast also features SNL comedienne Vanessa Bayer as Carrie's work buddy, Gabriel Byrne as Carrie's father, and Jason Ritter as Carrie's first blind date.

Helmed by first-time feature director Susan Johnson, who is better known for producing the indie films "God Help the Girl" and "Mean Creek," and adapted for the screen by "Middle School: The Worst Years of My Life" scribe Kara Holden, "Carrie Pilby" will be released in theaters March 31st with a VOD release to follow on April 4th.

A person of high intelligence struggles to make sense of the world as it relates to morality, relationships, sex and leaving her apartment. Based on Caren Lissner's best-selling novel.


directed by   Susan Johnson

starring   Bel Powley, Vanessa Bayer, Nathan Lane, Jason Ritter, Gabriel Byrne

release date   March 31, 2017 (in theaters), April 4, 2017 (on VOD)

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