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added: Thu, Feb 16th '17

Meeting your girlfriend's father can be a stressful thing. Meeting your girlfriend's father and then finding out he's a corrupt cop who kills people -- well, that's a huge can of worms you don't want to open unless you have a really good plan. Unfortunately for the kids in this gritty Bill Paxton-starring thriller, the only plan they have is to run -- and run hard.

Check out the trailer for "Mean Dreams," a small-town thriller in which Paxton plays an alcoholic father who is also a crooked sheriff. When he learns his teen daughter (Sophie Nelisse, star of "The Book Thief") and her new boyfriend (Josh Wiggins, from "Hellion" and "Max") have accidentally taken his bag of stolen money, he does what any bad father/bad cop would do -- he hunts them down like a couple of two-bit criminals.

Co-starring Colm Feore (House of Cards), "Mean Dreams" is directed by Canadian filmmaker Nathan Morlando, who previously wrote and directed the Canadian bank robber Edwin Boyd biopic "Citizen Gangster" with Scott Speedman.

"Mean Dreams" is hitting theaters on March 17th.

MEAN DREAMS follows courageous local farm boy Jonas (Josh Wiggins) and the new girl next door, Casey (Sophie Nelisse), as they embark on a journey that will change their lives forever. As young love blossoms between the two fifteen-year-olds, Jonas also discovers that Casey's abusive home life has reached a new level of danger, and Jonas takes the lead in their escape by stealing a bag full of drug money from Casey’s corrupt father, local cop Wayne Caraway (Bill Paxton). With the stolen cash as their only means to a better life, Casey flees with Jonas and together, under relentless pursuit from her father, they learn the hard truth of what it will take in order to survive. In the end, Casey and Jonas are forced to make a life-altering choice from which there will be no turning back.


directed by   Nathan Morlando

starring   Bill Paxton, Josh Wiggins, Sophie Nelisse, Colm Feore

release date   March 17, 2017

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