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added: Tue, Feb 14th '17

She's an untamable sex addict. He's addicted to all of her craziness. Together, they make a weirdly wonderful couple. Let's just hope that these crazy lovebirds can make it work without getting themselves thrown in jail.

Check out a new full-length trailer for Season Two of Judd Apatow's Netflix comedy series "Love," starring Comedy Bang Bang's Paul Rust and Community's Gillian Jacobs as Gus and Mickey, two L.A. misfits who are basically the living embodiment of that Paula Abdul and MC Skat Kat's '80s song. Gus takes two steps forward (and a handful of mushrooms) and Mickey takes two steps back (and breaks a crystal bowl for no apparent reason). But they come together 'cause "Opposites Attract."

Created by Apatow and the husband-wife team of Rust and comic writer Lesley Arfin (Brooklyn Nine-Nine), the series is loosely based on Rust and Arfin's own relationship.

"Love" also stars Australian comedienne Claudia O'Doherty as Mickey's level-headed roommate, Bertie. The cast also includes Mike Mitchell, Bobby Lee, Jordan Rock, Tracie Thoms, Iris Apatow, and Rich Sommer with appearances by David Spade and Daniel Stern.

"Love: Season 2" will start streaming on Friday, March 10th.

It's worth a shot. Mickey and Gus face commitment and all that comes with it as they attempt to bring order to their chaotic lives.


starring   Paul Rust, Gillian Jacobs, Claudia O'Doherty, Mike Mitchell, Bobby Lee, Jordan Rock, Tracie Thoms, Iris Apatow, Rich Sommer with David Spade and Daniel Stern

release date   March 10, 2017 (on Netflix)

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