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added: Fri, Feb 10th '17

The British AREN'T coming. The British AREN'T coming. And that's because Adam Pally traveled back in time to Colonial Massachusetts and screwed up the American Revolution.

Go behind the scenes of FOX's new comedy series "Making History," in which Pally stars as an underachieving computer science college teacher who has managed to invent a time machine inside a "really big duffle bag" and precedes to live out a second life in Colonial Massachusetts. But when he realizes that he may have accidentally altered American history, he seeks out a history professor (played by comedian and comedy writer Yassir Lester) at his school and asks him for some help. Of course, it takes a bit of work to convince him that he's not full of it.

Executive produced and co-created by Phil Lord and Chris Miller, the directors of "The Lego Movie" and the upcoming "Han Solo" Star Wars movie, the FOX series also stars Gossip Girl's Leighton Meester as Pally's 18th-century girlfriend, who also happens to be the daughter of Paul Revere.

"Making History" is set to air on Sundays, beginning March 5th.

Produced by Phil Lord and Chris Miller and written by Julius "Goldy" Sharpe, the new comedy MAKING HISTORY follows three friends from two different centuries as they try to balance the thrill of time travel with the mundane concerns of their present-day lives.

Two shows in one, it's both a rollicking historical adventure, and a contemporary comedy about love, friendship and trying to fit in to an increasingly complex and impersonal world. DAN CHAMBERS (Adam Pally), a computer science professor at a small Massachusetts college, recently discovered time travel and has been transporting himself back to the 1700s to spend time with the colonial woman he's fallen for. In the present, Dan is an unpopular nerd. But by claiming song lyrics, lines from movies and stand-up bits as his own in the 18th century, he's absolutely hilarious -- he gets the girl and makes friends. But Dan's actions in the past are messing up the present. That woman he's dating is not just any woman. She's Paul Revere's daughter, DEBORAH (Leighton Meester), and Dan’s meddling in the past causes her father to delay his famous ride, which may have altered the outcome of the entire American Revolution. To set matters right, Dan enlists the help of his colleague, CHRIS PARISH (Yassir Lester), a brilliant, polished and popular history professor, who's now given the incredible opportunity to actually live the history he teaches.

Can Dan, Chris and Deborah save America as we know it? Can a woman from 1775 adapt to life in 2017? Can the three intrepid time travelers improve the past, help the helpless, fight for justice and get rich?


starring   Adam Pally, Yassir Lester, Leighton Meester, John Gemberling, Neil Casey, Brett Gelman

release date   March 5, 2017 (on FOX)

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