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added: Wed, Jan 25th '17

Racial tensions erupt in a small, quiet southern town in the trailer for the WWII-era romance drama "Sophie and the Rising Sun," which is set to open this Friday in select cities.

In the film, based on Augusta Trobaugh's novel, Julianne Nicholson (Masters of Sex, Boardwalk Empire) plays a 1940s South Carolina woman who becomes romantically involved with a Japanese-American man (played by "Letters from Iwo Jima" actor Takashi Yamaguchi). Their burgeoning romance is threatened when the town learns the news of the Pearl Harbor attack, which unleashes a wave of anger and resentment toward Asian Americans.

Emmy winner Margo Martindale (The Americans), three-time Oscar-nominee Diane Ladd (Rambling Rose), Lorraine Toussaint (Orange Is the New Black), and Joel Murray (Mad Men) are also among the cast.

The film, which premiered last year at Sundance, is directed and written by veteran indie filmmaker Maggie Greenwald, whose credits include 2000's Sundance-winning period drama "Songcatcher" with Janet McTeer and Aidan Quinn and 1993's acclaimed western drama "The Ballad of Little Jo" with Suzy Amis and Ian McKellen.

"Sophie and the Rising Sun" opens in select theaters this Friday, January 27th, with additional locations to follow.

Set in the autumn of 1941 in Salty Creek, a fishing village in South Carolina, the film tells the dramatic story of interracial lovers swept up in the tides of history. As World War II rages in Europe a wounded Asian stranger, Mr. Ohta, appears in the town under mysterious circumstances. Sophie, a native of Salty Creek, quickly becomes transfixed by Mr. Ohta and a friendship born of their mutual love of art blossoms into a delicate and forbidden courtship. As their secret relationship evolves the war escalates tragically. When Pearl Harbor is bombed, a surge of misguided patriotism, bigotry and violence sweeps through the town, threatening Mr. Ohta’s life. A trio of women, each with her own secrets - Sophie, along with the town matriarch and her housekeeper - rejects law and propriety, risking their lives with their actions.


directed by   Maggie Greenwald

starring   Julianne Nicholson, Takashi Yamaguchi, Margo Martindale, Diane Ladd, Lorraine Toussaint, Joel Murray

release date   January 27, 2017 (in select theaters)

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