Kuso — Trailer

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added: Fri, Jan 20th '17

Sundance's Midnight section wouldn't be complete without premiering a crazy, psychedelic head-scratcher of a film.

"Kuso," the feature directorial debut of L.A. music producer/experimental rapper Flying Lotus (aka FlyLo aka Captain Murphy aka Steven Ellison), appears to have fully embraced the whole "midnight madness" concept as it will surely have festivalgoers talking -- and possibly puking -- when it premieres this weekend during Sundance's midnight movie sidebar.

The bizarro mind-bender, which features an eclectic cast of actors (Zack Fox, Iesha Coston, Anders Holm, Tim Heidecker, Hannibal Buress with funkmeister George Clinton), takes place in the aftermath of a catastrophic earthquake that has plunged the city of Los Angeles into a mind-numbing nightmare.

Produced by Brainfeeder Films, which is the film division of FlyLo's music label of the same name, "Kuso" will features music by Flying Lotus (naturally), Aphex Twin, Akira Yamaoka, The Buttress, and much more.

directed by   Flying Lotus (aka Steven Ellison)

starring   Iesha Coston, Oumi Zumi, Anders Holm, Tim Heidecker, The Buttress, Zack Fox, Hannibal Buress, Mali Matsuda, Shane Carpenter, Donnell Rawlings, Regan Farquhar, with David Firth and George Clinton

release date   Sundance, 2017

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