Guardians — Final Int'l Trailer


added: Wed, Jan 11th '17

"Guardians" is the latest big-budget action movie to come out of Russia and it seems to have all the earmarks of a big Hollywood superhero tentpole, complete with an epic fight between good and evil.

Check out the final international trailer for this "The Avengers"-esque action flick about a team of Russian super-humans who are given only two weeks to stop a diabolical supervillain from destroying the world.

Directed by Armenian filmmaker Sarik Andreasyan (American Heist), "Guardians" is set to open in Russia on February 23rd.

Set during the Cold War, a secret organization named "Patriot" gathered a group of Soviet superheroes, altering and augmenting the DNA of four individuals, in order to defend the homeland from supernatural threats. The group includes representatives of the different nationalities of the Soviet Union, which each one of them have long been hiding their true identity. In hard times, they settled down to business and gather to defend their homeland.


directed by   Sarik Andreasyan

starring   Anton Pampushniy, Sanzhar Madiev, Alina Lanina, Sebastien Sisak, Valeria Shkirando, Vyacheslav Razbegaev, Stanislav Shirin

release date   February 23, 2017 (Russia)

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