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added: Tue, Jan 10th '17

Say, do you love J-horror? You can't get enough of those scary Japanese ghosts. Well, this may be something you can't pass up -- it's two pale-skinned spirits for the price of one!

"Sadako vs. Kayako" is a new Japanese supernatural thriller that has merged two popular J-Horror franchises together for the first time: The Ring (Ringu) and The Grudge (Ju-On).

The film was released in Japan last summer, but it's making its US debut this month, exclusively on the horror streaming service

Check out the newly released U.S. trailer for the horror film, which pits Sadako (the creepy demonic spirit from "the Ring") against Kayako (the creepy demonic spirit from "The Grudge"). There's also a cursed old VHS videotape, a haunted house and a couple of unsuspecting female college students.

Written and directed by J-Horror vet Koji Shiraishi (The Curse, Grotesque), "Sadako vs. Kayako" is set to stream on Thursday, January 26th on Shudder.

A girl (Mizuki Yamamoto) after watching a cursed videotape together with her friend (Tina Tamashiro) in a haunted house, becomes trapped in a conflict between the two murderous ghosts: Sadako Yamamura (from the "Ringu" films) and Kayako Saeki (from the "Ju-On" films).


directed by   Koji Shiraishi

starring   Mizuki Yamamoto, Tina Tamashiro

release date   January 26, 2017 (on

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