SKY's Jamestown — Teaser Trailer


added: Fri, Jan 6th '17

From the producers of "Downton Abbey" comes a new original British drama about English settlers trying to establish a new life in America, circa 1617.

Here's the first teaser trailer for "Jamestown," which is a reference to Jamestown, Virginia, a location that's historically known as the first permanent English settlement in the New World.

Created by British writer Bill Gallagher (Blood), the eight-episode series stars Jason Flemyng (X-Men: First Class), Sophie Rundle (Peaky Blinders), Max Beesley (Suits), Burn Gorman (TURN: Washington's Spies), Naomi Battrick, Niamh Walsh and Eugene Brave Rock.

"Jamestown" is being produced by Carnival Films, the same television production company behind "Downton Abbey" and NBC's "Dracula."

The show is expected to air in the U.K on the 'Sky One' network later in the year.

Set in the early 17th Century, Jamestown tells the story of three courageous, dynamic women who leave their dark pasts behind in England, and make the journey of a lifetime across the ocean for a new life in America.


starring   Jason Flemyng, Sophie Rundle, Max Beesley, Burn Gorman, Naomi Battrick, Niamh Walsh, Eugene Brave Rock

release date   May 5, 2017 (U.K. premiere on SKY One)

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