Railroad Tigers — New Trailer

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added: Thu, Jan 5th '17

Jackie Chan tries to hijack a train in a new U.S. trailer for the Chinese period action film "Railroad Tigers."

Here, the 62-year-old action icon plays a 1941 railroad worker who leads a team of freedom fighters as they attempt to steal the food supply from the Japanese army. With nearly all the action taking place on a moving train, this is certainly a Jackie Chan movie that will get your heart running in high gear.

Co-starring Wang Kai, Darren Wang, Xu Fan, and Huang Zitao, "Railroad Tigers" is directed by Chinese action helmer Ding Sheng, who previously worked with Chan on "Police Story: Lockdown" and "Little Big Soldier."

"Railroad Tigers" is opening in the select U.S. cities this Friday, January 6th.

In this action-comedy caper harkening back to Jackie Chan's classic Hong Kong films, a railroad worker (Chan) and his ragtag group of freedom fighters find themselves on the wrong side of the tracks when they decide to ambush a heavily armed military train filled with desperately needed provisions. Unarmed and outnumbered, they must fight back against an entire army using only their wits, in a series of a dazzling set pieces and action scenes rivaling anything seen on the big screen.


directed by   Ding Sheng

starring   Jackie Chan, Wang Kai, Darren Wang, Xu Fan, Huang Zitao

release date   January 6, 2017 (in select U.S. cities)

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