Netflix's Travelers — Trailer


added: Tue, Dec 20th '16

Emmy-winner Eric McCormack tries to prevent a catastrophic future in the trailer for Netflix's new sci-fi-tinged series "Travelers," which hails from Brad Wright, co-creator of the "Stargate" television franchise.

Following a group of time-traveling soldiers, as they arrive in the year 2016 as each member takes over the consciousness of random individuals, the 12-episode Canadian-produced thriller revolves around a secret mission to save humanity from a bleak and devastating future.

McCormack plays an FBI agent named Grant MacLaren, who becomes the host body for a "traveler" sent from the future. He leads a team of other travelers as they carry out specific assignments to change the timeline, hopefully averting a world-ending disaster from ever happening.

Also starring Patrick Gilmore, MacKenzie Porter, Reilly Dolman, Jared Abrahamson, and Nesta Cooper, "Travelers: Season 1" originally premiered in Canada in October, but will begin streaming globally this week on Netflix, starting Friday, December 23rd.

Many centuries into the future, the Earth's population has dwindled to almost nothing -- but the survivors have discovered the key to time travel. Desperate to save humanity, a group enters the 21st century on a mission to avert disaster.


starring   Eric McCormack, Patrick Gilmore, MacKenzie Porter, Reilly Dolman, Jared Abrahamson, Nesta Cooper

release date   December 23, 2016 (on Netflix)

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