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added: Tue, Dec 13th '16

Brendan Gleeson and Emma Thompson take a defiant stand against Hitler in the new U.S. trailer for the true-life WWII drama "Alone in Berlin."

The film, based on the international best-selling book by Hans Fallada (which was published in 1947 and is considered as one of the first anti-Nazi novels during post-WWII Germany), tells the real-life story of Otto and Anna Quangel, a working-class German married couple who had lost their son to the war when they decided to mount a private political campaign against their Nazi-controlled government.

Gleeson portrays Otto as he writes up small protest cards that boldly declare Hitler a murderer and a liar. Under a thin cloak of anonymity, Otto scatters the anti-Nazi cards all around Berlin, placing them on the steps of public government buildings. Soon, he is joined by his wife, Anna (played by Thompson) as they both risk their lives to get their powerful message out.

Also starring Daniel Bruhl (Captain America: Civil War, Inglourious Basterds) as a Nazi investigator, the film is co-adapted and directed by Swiss actor-turned-filmmaker Vincent Perez. It's currently slated to hit US theaters and VOD on January 13th.

How did an ordinary, middle-aged couple become a symbol of defiance against Nazi brutality? This true-life tale of courage unfolds against the tumultuous backdrop of Berlin in 1940. Otto and Anna Quangel (Brendan Gleeson and Emma Thompson) are a working class husband and wife doing their best to ride out the war. When their son is killed fighting on the frontlines, however, everything changes. They begin pouring their rage and grief into postcards emblazoned with anti-Nazi slogans, risking everything to disseminate their messages of protest across the city. But this seemingly small act of subversion rattles the regime, including a police inspector (Daniel Bruhl) who will not rest until the culprits have been caught. Based on the bestselling novel Every Man Dies Alone by Hans Fallada, Alone in Berlin is both a gripping thriller and a stirring ode to resistance.


directed by   Vincent Perez

starring   Brendan Gleeson, Emma Thompson, Daniel Bruhl

release date   January 13, 2017 (in U.S. theaters and on VOD)

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