Wes Anderson's Come Together — Christmas Short

source:   hm.com, youtube.com

added: Mon, Nov 28th '16

It's been a contentious couple of months. But filmmaker Wes Anderson wants everyone to put aside their petty differences and "Come Together" this Christmas season. The "Grand Budapest Hotel" director has teamed up with Swedish-based clothing company H&M to deliver this new four-minute short film (quasi-commercial), titled "Come Together." It features Anderson regular Adrien Brody, who plays a train conductor trying to put on a happy and cheerful Christmas brunch for a group of unhappy passengers during a miserable snow delay.

The clip comes complete with Wes Anderson's trademark quirks, most notably the director's strong visual choices: bright colors, stylish outfits, picture-book settings, an inordinate amount of tracking shots, etc. He even squeezed in at the end the classic Christmas song from John Lennon. So, Anderson fans should really get a kick out of this.

For more information on the short film, visit www.hm.com.

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