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added: Tue, Nov 15th '16

Tim Roth delivers a killer performance in the new trailer for the three-part British miniseries "Rillington Place," which is based on the true-life disturbing story of John Christie, a middle-class Englishman and family man who turned out to be a sadistic serial killer during the 1940s and early 1950s.

Christie was ultimately charged with murdering eight women, with most of the murders committed inside his apartment building, at 10 Rillington Place. A number of the victim's bodies were found buried on the premises.

Oscar-nominated actress Samantha Morton (soon to be seen in "Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them") co-stars in the TV movie as Christie's long-abused and frequently estranged wife, Ethel.

Directed by British helmer Craig Viveiros (The Liability) and co-written by Ed Whitmore (TV's Waking the Dead, Hallam Foe) and Tracey Malone (TV's Silent Witness), "Rillington Place" will premiere in the UK later this month on BBC One, starting Tuesday, November 29. As of yet, there's no U.S. air date.

Based on the real-life events, this tense and impactful thriller explores the crimes of John Christie and the subsequent tragic miscarriage of justice in 1940s and 50s London.

The drama is presented over three episodes from three different perspectives, as our characters' lives tragically converge at 10 Rillington Place. Christie and his estranged wife Ethel are reunited after a nine-year separation and move into 10 Rillington Place. As war breaks out, the fractures in their relationship begin to reappear, with deceit, suspicion and violence never far below the veneer of married respectability.


directed by   Craig Viveiros

starring   Tim Roth, Samantha Morton

release date   November 29, 2016 (on BBC One)

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