Syfy's The Expanse: Season 2 — Trailer


added: Fri, Nov 11th '16

"The Expanse," the acclaimed sci-fi series for Syfy, is coming back in a couple of months with an all-new second season. And the network has recently unveiled a new trailer.

Starring Thomas Jane, Steven Strait, Shohreh Aghdashloo, Dominique Tipper, and Chad L. Coleman, "The Expanse" is the small-screen adaptation of the bestselling sci-fi book series by James S.A. Corey (the joint pseudonym shared by award-winning sci-fi authors Daniel Abraham and Ty Franck).

The drama takes place 200 years in the future, during which members of humanity were forced to leave Earth to establish a new society in space. The second season will largely involve two storylines: the colonization of Mars and a brewing political war between rival coalitions.

The series was created by Mark Fergus and Hawk Ostby, the screenwriting duo of "Iron Man" and "Children of Men." "The Last Witch Hunter" director Breck Eisner is helming the first two chapters of the new season.

"The Expanse: Season 2" will run for 13 episodes (three more than the previous first season). It's set to premiere Wednesday, February 1 on the Syfy network.

Hundreds of years in the future, humans have colonized the solar system. The U.N. controls Earth. Mars is an independent military power. The planets rely on the resources of the Asteroid Belt, where air and water are more precious than gold. For decades, tensions have been rising between these three places. Earth, Mars and the Belt are now on the brink of war. And all it will take is a single spark.


directed by   Breck Eisner

starring   Thomas Jane, Steven Strait, Shohreh Aghdashloo, Dominique Tipper, Chad L. Coleman, Cas Anvar, Wes Chatham, Florence Faivre

release date   February 1, 2016 (on Syfy)

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