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added: Wed, Nov 9th '16

Andre Royo is perhaps best known for playing drug-addicted police informant Bubbles on the critically acclaimed HBO series "The Wire." Earlier this year at the SXSW Film Festival, Royo was recognized with a Best Actor Award for his performance in the slice-of-life dramedy "Hunter Gatherer," in which he plays a charismatic ex-con trying to get his life back in order while desperately hoping to rekindle a relationship with his ex-girlfriend.

The film, which also stars George Sample III, Ashley Wilkerson, and Kellee Stewart, is the feature debut of writer-director Joshua Locy, who previously worked as an art director for film director David Gordon Green on his two of his films, "Prince Avalanche" and "Manglehorn."

"Hunter Gatherer" will conclude its festival run with a screening set for this week at AFI Fest. The film will be released in select theaters on November 16.

Ashley Douglas thinks everything should fall into place when he’s released after three years in prison. His friends should come to his welcome home party. (They don't.) His girlfriend, Linda, should greet him with open arms and open legs. (She doesn't.) So Ashley, a forty-something African-American, restarts his life with next to nothing: no friends, no lovers, no connections. He has is a bedroom in his mom's house, a box of treasures he buried in his back yard, and a nostalgic and deeply ingrained need to be with Linda-his one, true love. That is, until he meets a new friend, Jeremy, and things start to turn around.


directed by   Joshua Locy

starring   Andre Royo, George Sample III, Ashley Wilkerson, Kellee Stewart

release date   November 16, 2016 (in select theaters)

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